WII Text Message: The Power Of Perspective (7.09.21)

Human beings need help interpreting reality. Remember John the Baptist? His call was to prepare people for the coming of Jesus. If Jesus had just shown up, with no foreman, no primer, no context, people would likely not have been able to fully appreciate his work and mission.

The same need is true of our lives. When we seek the perspective of God in a situation, we are asking God how to interpret it correctly. Human beings are programmed for survival; we often interpret reality through the most cynical or pessimistic lens. Every ruffling in the bushes, after all, could be the sound of a predator!

God is an eternal being and doesn’t have that problem. He is also our guardian, and so we don’t have to worry about compromising our survival instincts. The perspective of God is not only objectively correct; it tends toward mental health. And we need more of it each day.

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