WII Text Message: Prayer (9.01.21)

Prayer in my observation is the most underutilized weapon in the battle for integrity. We desire to be loving. We desire to be pure. We desire to be strong—all attributes that God perfectly possesses. We strive and labor and exert ourselves to change—as we should—but we want to make sure we aren’t doing anything manually that is best accomplished with a tool.

Prayer is a tool. When we don’t pray, we have to do for ourselves things that God is willing to help us with. I agree with the saying that we become like those we spend time with. It is in the presence of God that we become like God. That is the essence of prayer—entering into the presence of God.

Through prayer, we get insight into the things we should do in order to change. However, and even more importantly, through prayer we become a different kind of person, which is really the essence of change itself.

Prayer may at times be effortful, a kind of pressing in. Other times, prayer is more like soaking in the sun or casually hanging out with someone you enjoy spending time with.

Prayer is a double-edged sword. It changes us, and it empowers us to change even further after we exit the place of prayer.

Today, let’s do an assessment of our prayer lives and make any necessary changes.

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