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Cultural Quote #413: Sexual Transmutation Explained (Part 4)

It’s like if I tap into my muse, if I tap into my anima, if I tap into whatever you want to call it, then how do I have to behave in order to impress that part of myself? Right, if you start doing that, then all of a sudden you find this motivation, you find this power, because you’re like “Holy sh*t. I want to be that guy. That’s who I actually want to be.” The most attractive version of yourself is the most attractive person to that ideal. And if you got a twisted ideal, it can kind of screw this up, but my assumption is that you’re able to find a healthy ideal. . .

As a man, you can start tapping into that pathway, and start tapping into that more transcendental powerful energy, by learning how to connect with your muse, by learning how to connect with your ideal feminine. And you just act as if that part is watching you, and it’s going to give you direction on how you should behavior. Sitting around, playing video games, jerking off, eating Cheetos–that’s not going to impress her

Mark Queppet

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