Cultural Quote #404: Unwanted Sexual Fetishes (Part 3)

But in both cases, quitting porn can heal. It’s more obvious in the porn-induced fetish, why that would be so. Because, it’s like alright, you stop exposing yourself to that stuff, you start living in a world without it, then all of a sudden your brain’s attachment to that thing will fade. Do the work, go through the reboot. Porn-induced fetishes almost always disappear. Often, they outright disappear, and almost every case, the intensity of them decreases significantly.

Now, for the natural fetish, you may be like, “Well, you know, that won’t go away. That’s just a part of who I am.” Well, kind of, because porn seriously exacerbates those kinds of natural fetishes. . .

And so if you cut out the porn, and you let your brain and your sexual circuits go through a healing period, almost always this is going to cause a complete cure for the problem or at least a significant decrease in the intensity of it.

Mark Queppet

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