Christian Quote #140: Totally Free From Lust?

That phrasing, “to be totally free,” implies a passive sort of state of freedom where lust no longer is operative. And that’s not the most helpful way, I think, to think of the question, let alone arrive at a good answer. I want to frame it actively, not passively, meaning “Is it ever possible to live or to walk in triumph or freedom from the sin of lust?” . . .

So I like phrasing it that way a little better than just freedom from sin being sort of a passive state, because that implies that you can sort of arrive at this level of Christian maturity where you sort of look down at the waters of temptation and think, “Hmm, I wonder why I was ever tempted by that. Oh, I was clearly immature. I’m glad I’m more mature now.” That’s not the Bible’s picture of Christian maturity.

Dr. Jeremy Pierre

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