WII Text Message: Thank You + Blog Updates (1.14.22)

Recently, the blog’s traffic has increased quite substantially. Thanks to readers like you, we’re now averaging well over 100+ pageviews per day, whereas we were getting maybe a third of that early last year. Feel free to share articles or quotes with others as you see fit. If you would like to submit your own content in the form of a guest post, click here.

In 2022, I will publish an editorial ever Thursday morning. I will try to add content during the week as time and work allow, covering topics related to integrity, especially sexual integrity. In the editorials, I will only address topics I have direct experience with/knowledge of, and save everything else for experts/knowledgeable people in that area.

Integrity is a daily pursuit. If we put in the effort in 2022, we will see great results before the year is over.

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