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Sonship Meditations: The Gift of God The Father

Simba and father Mufasa from Lion King.
“Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” (Musafa to Simba in The Lion King)

Canadian rapper Drake was recently interviewed by Caleb Pressley of Barstool Sports. Pressley is known for his brash, humorous, “everything-is-fair-game” style of communication. Toward the end of the interview, Drake admitted that he loves to gamble. When asked by Pressley “What is the best thing to gamble on?” Drake paused before responding with one word: fatherhood. When pressed on his tongue-in-cheek answer, Drake doubled down (bet on fatherhood).

The moment was one of levity, but it resonated with me precisely because of how accurate it is. If you want to bet on a positive life outcome, then bet on fatherhood! If you want to bet on a negative life outcome, then bet on the absence or distortion thereof.

Sons naturally emulate their Fathers. As Christians we “bet” on the fatherhood of God when we resolve to become like him. However, it isn’t just about what we do, but what we believe to be true about his paternal nature — which radically changes the way we interface with the world. Indeed, you can not be a son by your own effort, and so our ability to grow as sons of God is premised on this faith.

Abba by Matthew Stevenson
“Abba: Experience God as Father And Redeem Your Failure, Hurt, and Pain” by Matthew Stevenson

A book that greatly helped me with this topic is Abba: Experience God as Father and Redeem Your Failure, Hurt, and Pain, written by Matthew Stevenson, the Global Senior Pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly. I read it multiple times and highly recommend it to you if this is an area you want to grow in.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

James 1:17 (ESV)

Sonship Meditations (The Gift of God the Father) 

Because God loves me, I love myself and operate from a place of emotional abundance.

Because God loves the world, I respect people, nature, and animals. 

Because God is good, I love life and am a naturally optimistic person. 

Because God approves of me, I esteem my words and actions. My success is measured by courage and integrity, not what others think. 

Because God is present with me, I am mindful and content in every moment. I detach from negativity and am indifferent to what the future may hold.

Because God supports me, I move confidently and with conviction. I am free to take risks and fail because my identity is secure. 

Because God is pure, I guard myself against corruption, both internal and external, which threatens my relationship with him.

Because God is forgiving, I forgive others and hold no grudges. My future is too bright to waste time dwelling on the past. 

As a son of God, I am free to be myself without apology or second-guessing. 

The world is my right to enjoy and responsibility to make better.

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