Sexual Transmutation Explained (Mark Queppet)

What is sexual transmutation explained
A simple, thought-provoking, and inspirational definition of sexual transmutation. (Image: Mark Queppet)

Sexual transmutation may appear mystical on the surface, but in reality it’s actually quite simple. Sexual transmutation is about taking sex drive and channeling into non-sexual areas of life, whether the ultimate goal is sexual or asexual in nature. An example of the former is a man who goes to the gym, improves his social skills, and grows his bank account in order to impress a woman. As for the latter, some people may transmute sexual energy on a longer-term basis with no intention of uniting with a female. (e.g. Napoleon Hill on sexual transmutation. More on this in a bit.) In both cases, sexual energy is used to motivate, develop and grow a man; in other words, too help him achieve his potential as a human being.

Today, I’ve transcribed an insightful clip by Mark Queppet, founder of Universal Man, in which he explains sexual transmutation, in simple and enlightening terms, using both historical and modern examples. Sexual transmutation, for Queppet, is fundamentally about “taking your desire to have sex, and then using it to drive yourself forward.” This, Queppet argues, is what men throughout history have always done. Queppet uses the example of the hunter-gatherer tribesman whose only recourse to attract a mate was to improve himself and his standing in society (a case where the ultimate goal was sexual in nature).

What about men who want to be more universally motivated rather than driven by a desire to impress women?

Here, for Queppet, is where the concept of “making love to life” comes into play. The idea is you want to engage in worldly conquest for the sake of uniting, not with a beautiful woman, but with a beautiful reality. Queppet cites the example of Jesus Christ, the “most famous man in history,” who was “the ultimate practitioner of sexual transmutation.” Jesus portrayed himself as a “groom” seeking to unite, not with a single woman, but with the universal church.

Queppet elaborates on how to harness the power of the internal feminine ideal that exists within every man, drawing from the concept of the “muse” and Carl Jung’s “anima.” And you just act as if that part is watching you, and it’s going to give you direction on how you should behavior. Sitting around, playing video games, jerking off, eating Cheetos–that’s not going to impress her. For Queppet, this mature, internally-motivated form of sexual transmutation is about “tapping into your muse. It’s about impregnating reality with your will.”

Riveting stuff. One takeaway is that sexual transmutation is for everyone, regardless of whether their immediate and long-term goals are sexual or asexual in nature.

Check out the complete transcript and video below! It’s longer than normal, but I took the time to transcribe it all because I believe it is well worth the time.

Mark Queppet on sexual transmutation.

As a man, you can start tapping into that pathway, and start tapping into that more transcendental powerful energy, by learning how to connect with your muse, by learning how to connect with your ideal feminine. And you just act as if that part is watching you, and it’s going to give you direction on how you should behavior. Sitting around, playing video games, jerking off, eating Cheetos–that’s not going to impress her.

Mark Queppet

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Sexual Transmutation Made Simple

Time for sexual transmutation, my friends. I want to talk about sexual transmutation. You see, it’s been a while since my last video on this topic, and I think it can help make the process even more clear and practical. Basically, I want to teach you guys how to turn your sexual energy into a superpower that can massively increase your drive, motivation, assertiveness, energy levels, all that kind of stuff. And I’m going to do the simplest approach that I know of.

It’s really kind of like a mindset more than anything, with a little understanding of what actually happens. And it doesn’t require any kind of weird-ass esoteric energy practices. You don’t need to “breathe into your balls.” You don’t need to awaken kundalini. You don’t need to do yoga or any kind of crap like that that most people do. You don’t even necessarily need to practice extreme semen retention. It’s just not necessary, as far as I can tell. What I want to teach you guys is something very straightforward, insanely powerful, and really something that you’re built to do.

In my mind, sexual transmutation is like the most natural thing that a man can do. So, if we were going to go back and look at our ancestor, okay, young male in a hunter-gatherer society. And this young male, because he’s got testosterone flowing through his system, he’s horny. He wants to have sex. Now, what are his options? Say, he’s in his teens or something like that or early 20s–depends on how his culture works. His options, if he wants to have sex, is he can go [assault] someone. People certainly did that. Let’s say we’re not going to walk the dark side here. What could he do instead?

He would have to essentially raise his status in his community. We talked about this. Women are hypergamous. They’re going to be attracted to a man with resources, a man of means, a man of competence. And this is assuming that we’re not talking about a culture where everything was done with barters and dowries and political kind of stuff like that. It wasn’t like an economic move. We’re assuming the men and the women are relatively free to choose their partner. So if a guy wants to get a girl, he’s got to prove himself worthy of a girl and her attraction.

So think about this. The guy is horny. He wants to have sex, but in order to have sex, he’s got to do things. He has to engage in conquest, the conquest of improving himself, improving his standing, that sort of thing. Maybe he has to like literally engage in conquest. There are societies where you would go kidnap your wife from a neighboring village. Maybe you had to go fight a battle, do something like that, okay. Maybe there’s a tribe that stole all your women or something like that. I use this term “conquest” very deliberately, because that’s what it would entail. Doing this kind of thing—you’re built to do it as a man. This conquest energy is masculine energy.

Masculine energy I would say, it shows up in two forms. One is like the love-making side of things. You know the passionate courtship kind of stuff, but the other side of male sexual energy is the conquest side of it. It’s the ability to go out and essentially dominate. And so, think about it, you were built for this. This is what men have done since the dawn of man *laughs*. They had to use their sex drive to drive them to success. That’s what sexual transmutation is. It’s taking your desire to have sex, and then using it to drive yourself forward. Basic sexual transmutation is doing just that.

We talk about this a little bit in our red pill playbook series. Raise your status. Make yourself more attractive. Get your career in a better position. Get in better shape. Learn better social skills—that kind of stuff. And, in order to do that, if you really want to be motivated to do that, you’ve got to forgo cheap releases of your sexual charge. If you’re jerking off all the time, your motivation to do that kind of stuff is going to be way, way lower. And so you want to direct that desire for actual sex into self-improvement. If you do that, then guess what? You’re going to be able to level up.

I can’t even imagine how many of the human breakthroughs have been driven by men just looking to be more appealing to women. It’s probably one of the most fundamental driving forces of humanity as a whole. That’s sort of a base, sort of approach to this.

What if you already got a girlfriend or wife, okay? Or what if the idea of constantly working for female attention feels undignified to you? Because it kind of does to me. It’s like “Ah, my sexual power only works if I’m trying to impress some woman?” I kind of want it to be more for me. And this is where we’re going to get into a more mature form of sexual transmutation. Here’s how this works. The idea is you want to engage in worldly conquest for the sake of uniting, not with a beautiful woman, but with a beautiful reality. And this is where the idea of “making love to life” comes in to things. One of the things I said like years ago, when I first started talking about quitting porn, it’s like “Alright, make love to life, not your hand.”

This is where I think it gets most powerful, because then it becomes most internally directed and most universally applicable. And so how do you do this? How do you actually, practically pull this off.

Sexual Transmutation And The Inner Muse / Anima

Well, the simplest way is you imagine that your perfect woman is watching you, and if you do that, well then how would you behave? And you build the habit of asking yourself that. And this perfect woman—this is like your muse. In some ways it’s the Jungian concept of the “anima.” It’s this idea of the internal feminine that exists within a man. It’s not to say that it’s your feminine side—at least I disagree with that interpretation. I think what it is is that you have a conception of the ideal feminine that exists inside of you, and if you learn how to tap into that, you don’t need an actual woman there. It helps you actually find the most masculine and ideal version of yourself.

It’s like if I tap into my muse, if I tap into my anima, if I tap into whatever you want to call it, then how do I have to behave in order to impress that part of myself? Right, if you start doing that, then all of a sudden you find this motivation, you find this power, because you’re like “Holy sh*t. I want to be that guy. That’s who I actually want to be.” The most attractive version of yourself is the most attractive person to that ideal. And if you got a twisted ideal, it can kind of screw this up, but my assumption is that you’re able to find a healthy ideal.

This is something that’s shown up in culture a lot. One of the most popular, highest-grossing like Manga anime sort of story is this thing called One Piece. There’s a crew of pirates and there are girls and guys in it, and the creator was asked if there’s ever going to be any romance, or anything like that between the members of the crew, and he said, “No. Each of the members are in love with adventure.” You can feel that flowing through that story–is that each person, they’ve got goals that transcend just a one-to-one connection. It’s way more important than just getting one person to like them.

Practically speaking, in terms of game, in terms of frame, these red pill concepts, it’s the idea that you don’t put the actual pussy on the pedestal. You don’t actually let female affirmation become the most thing to you. It’s like, you’re looking for union with something much bigger and much more beautiful than just a single woman.

And if we want to really explain the scope of this, it’s like alright, the most famous man in history was the ultimate practitioner of sexual transmutation. I’m talking about Jesus Christ. Like his fundamental model that he presented himself as is the groom. He is the man getting married, but who is he marrying? He’s marrying the universal church i.e. all of humanity. That’s how big of a Chad Jesus was. He literally wants to unify with all human existence, and arguably, existence as a whole.

The idea, in some ways, it’s weird, but in Christian theology but it’s like God essentially created humans to like marry them, but like that’s why he gave us free will, so it could be voluntary. And he wants to be completely one with us. And so, that’s what we’re inspiring to. We’re essentially aspiring to union with the divine.

As a man, you can start tapping into that pathway, and start tapping into that more transcendental powerful energy, by learning how to connect with your muse, by learning how to connect with your ideal feminine. And you just act as if that part is watching you, and it’s going to give you direction on how you should behavior. Sitting around, playing video games, jerking off, eating Cheetos, that’s not going to impress her.

The baseline requirement if you really want the sexual transmutation capability is that you have to be able to engage in sexual self-control. It all keeps coming back to this. There’s a theme today. You need to be able to hold your sexual charge and be able to sacrifice the immediate gratification of it, so you can tap into a higher level of it.

This is where the term transmutation comes into play. The idea of transmutation is moving something forma baser level to a higher level. The ancient Alchemists practiced transmutation of transmuting a base element, like lead, into gold. Sexual transmutation is turning a baser sexual expression, like jerking off, into something higher. Maybe the higher expression would be dating a woman. Maybe higher than that would actually be having sex with that woman, being married to her.

But what if we want to go higher than that? Then it’s about making love to life. It’s about tapping into your muse. It’s about impregnating reality with your will. And engaging in your—speaking of Alchemy—using the book The Alchemist, Paul Coelho, which I mentioned in the last stream. You got to find and live your personal legend. It’s all tied into this. This is the escalation of how your masculine element, your energy is supposed to go. The male sexual energy is supposed to essentially turn you into the hero. That’s what it means to practice sexual transmutation. It means becoming the hero.

The Alchemist on Sexual Transmutation..
The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho (Sexual Transmutation)

This is why all the storybooks about the hero’s journey almost always has the guy winning the girl in the end, but the girl is not just a girl. It’s not just that—that’s him uniting with his anima. That’s him integrating his anima, him learning how to find and satisfy his own internal muse. This is the high-level, like masculine frame sort of stuff, when you really get a handle on it.

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