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New FREE “Integrity” Android Application Launched!

walk in integrity android application
A landscape view of Walk In Integrity.

The Walk In Integrity application is now live in the Google Play Store! You can access it by clicking Google Play or by typing “Walk In Integrity” in the search bar. The app enables you to receive new content notifications (when enabled), and browse cached pages of the website in offline mode (see below). This feature can be beneficial to people, like myself, who like to go off the grid. The internet is full of distractions, and a lot of people find that their happiness and health go up as their online usage goes down. 

FYI, I am actually an iPhone user, but I am able to access the app via my Chromebook. Download the app and let me know what you think! You can comment below or reach out via the contact form. Also, consider sharing the app with a friend, or making a guest post submission.

FYI, the app is extremely lightweight (< 2MB).

WII Android App

“Integrity” App Features:

👍 AUTOMATIC APP UPDATE – When new content is posted on the site, the application is automatically updated.

🛫 OFFLINE CONTENT – All accessed contents of the application are cached on your device so that they can be read if there is no more network connection, or if the device is in airplane mode. What this means is that every post you click on becomes available to you offline until your browser’s cache gets depleted or reset. When your browser’s cache gets depleted or reset, the posts you have access to offline will go back to zero. Alternately, you can disable your browser, while staying connected to a network, and browse the site through the app.

📢 NOTIFICATIONS – When a post is published, you will receive a notification (when enabled) that directly opens the right page on the mobile app.

🔎 SEARCH ENGINE – You can search for content directly from the mobile app, exploiting the power of the WordPress search engine.

👋 SOCIAL SHARING – You are able to share pages and articles in one click by using all the applications installed on your smartphone (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp messaging, SMS, etc.).

✍ COMMENTS – If comments are enabled on the page being read, you can read all the comments and access a form to leave a comment. The app uses the native WordPress system and the mobile app passes most anti-spam systems.

A view of Walk In Integrity from the mobile app.
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