Cultural Quote #403: Unwanted Sexual Fetishes (Part 2)

So let’s see how this might work. Imagine that you’re a guy and you like boobs. Before porn, any boob would do. They’re all exciting. They’re all great. But as you start watching porn, you start to build a preference, a taste. Your brain starts to build a hierarchy of the best boob, and so instead of just any boob doing it for you, now you need to like zero in on certain sizes and shapes and things like that. After you masturbate to that kind of stuff, to those thousands of images, your tastes becomes even more refined, and all of a sudden now you need to have the perfect boob all the time, and you can’t even look at anything else.

So you’ve taken a natural attraction to breasts, and you’ve morphed it into this super, you know, specific, you know, kind of attraction. It needs to be perfect, and if it’s not, it’s like not even interesting to you. And that would be what I would call a porn-induced inflation of a natural fetish. You take out the porn, and all of a sudden that obsession is going to go down.

Mark Queppet

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