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Cultural Quote #383: Internet Pornography Is A Modern Phenomenon (Josh Radnor)

People make the argument that pornography has always been around—like it’s some kind of sturdy, time-honored tradition—but it’s a baseless argument. It has never been around the way it is today, with the instant availability and variety and barbarity of it all.

Internet pornography is this wild experiment unleashed on the human psyche. Bodies and brains are being sent on a wildly untested chemical roller coaster. Like with any drug I think there are people whose circuitry is not vulnerable to the addiction and many others who aren’t so fortunate.

Because it’s all so new and has exploded so fast, research is only now beginning to come out. Reports of chronic porn watchers detoxing off porn mirrors classic drug withdrawal—shakes, sweating, insomnia, depression, inability to focus, suicidal ideation, etc.

Josh Radnor (FTND Interview)

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