Cultural Quote #288: Nicky Jam On Being Abandoned By His Mother

I couldn’t understand why I didn’t have my mom. I had a lot of friends who didn’t have their dad. But not to have your mom. . . That hit me hard. I think most of the things I did in my life were motivated by a desperate need for my mom. I just wanted my mom. And it was really painful to think she had abandoned me. I never did anything to justify her leaving me. Nothing at all. (Translation)

Yo no entendía porque no tenía a mi mamá. Yo he tenido miles de amigos en el barrio que no han tenido a su papá, pero no tener a tu mamá. . . A mi me dio duro. Yo creo que la mayoría de las cosas que hice en la vida , todo fue buscando a mi mamá. Lo único que quería era a mi mamá. Y me dolía sentir que me abandonó. Y yo nunca hice nada para que me abandonara. Nada. (Original)

Nicky Jam

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