Cultural Quote #218: Sexual Fantasies Come From Nurturing Events

The third place that fantasies will come from are nurturing events that we experienced in our past. And this is one that we come across regularly in our ministry. When a man, when a boy, wasn’t loved or nurtured by his mother in the way that he wanted, but then he had a piano teacher, or a schoolteacher, or a sports coach that was female, and really took to that boy. The female, who is in a position of authority, of leadership, who is older. They really nurtured that boy in the way that they were longing to get nurtured for by their mom. And then they grow up, and they start searching for pornography or dreaming of fantasies where they’re submitting to an older woman, to someone in authority, to someone who is leading them, telling them what to do.

Matt Cline

For more, see 4 Causes Of Sexual Fantasies And Lustful Thoughts (Matt Cline).

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