Christian Quote #159: Paul Washer On Christian Love

You see. So much of what we participate in is not true. The whole idea of love.. Have you ever heard people say—almost every song you’ve ever heard, “We fell in love.” Or “Man, it was just bigger than the both of us.. It overpowered us. It was bigger than the both of us.”

You know what that kind of language does? It allows you to get involved in a relationship you shouldn’t be in and consider yourself a victim. “It was too big for me. It just took a hold of us both.” Oh, really? What did? What? The word of God has a word for it—it’s lust. Lust, which at its root is just selfishness. “She had what I wanted.” “I fell in love.” No—love is not something you fall into. It’s not this power that controls the universe. It is a thing, it is a commitment.

But here’s what I want you to see, the difference in Christian love. Oh, I think my wife is beautiful, and I love being with her, but the basis of my marriage is this: God has called me with an irrevocable, inexcusable calling to lay down my life for one specific woman all the days of her life. And to serve her unconditionally, whether she deserves it or not.

Paul Washer

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