A Lack Of Consensus On Pornography In The Scientific Community

A doctor promoting cigarettes..
A 1949 ad for Viceroy cigarettes (Stanford research).

To the people who say that there is no medical/psychological consensus on the ills of pornography and its addictive status: professional fields are reactive by design. Old positions get revised and refined as new data comes in; it’s a dynamic process. Doctors used to tout the health benefits of smoking! Mind you, mass pornography consumption is a relatively recent phenomenon. The iPhone didn’t come out until 2007. Millennials are the first generation that grew up with ready, easy access to pornography, and Gen Zers are first generation that grew up with smartphone technology (“porn in a pocket”).

Is Pornography Addiction Real?

There are those who say there’s no such thing as pornography addiction and that watching porn is harmless. History will not be kind to those people. They’ll be the doctors from the fifties in the cigarette ads.

Josh Radnor

If you want to read studies on the harms of pornography, you can visit Research Studies On Pornography (Your Brain On Porn). However, overall what I would say is that WE ARE THE DATA!

Intelligent people can look at their lives and identify patterns and relationships between input/output, cause and effect.

If you can see the effect a behavior/action has had on your life (experience), or those around you (observation), you don’t need any outside validation. .

Kind of stupid to keep smoking if you have a cough and trouble breathing because someone suggested it wasn’t bad for you.

NOTE: In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed “compulsive sexual behavior — commonly called sex addiction. . . as a mental health disorder on the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases list.” This decision was “not without controversy,” as some still “doubt whether sex can be addictive and view the label as potentially shaming.”

For testimonies of people who have gotten free from pornography addiction, click here. For more, see the complete archive of articles on integrity.

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