I Am Not The Exception To The Rule

zeus, the exception to the rule
If you are not a god, a beast, or a superhero, then this article is for you.

Wisdom is about probability. A wise action is an action with a high probability for success. An unwise action is an action with a low probability for success. To be in an exceptional position where we need to “get lucky” in order to be successful is no position anyone wants to be in. In any area we disregard the rule of wisdom, we set ourselves up for failure. For example, if I know that porn is toxic and destructive, but continue to indulge in it, do I really think I won’t suffer consequences for it?

Today I want to share an important article in which the author addresses four dangerous myths that we believe, conscious or unconscious, that lead us to think of ourselves as the exception rather than the rule.

Some of these beliefs, like belief #1, may sound extreme, but they are a lot more common than you might think. Samson in the Bible, for example, may have thought he was immune to the consequences of his actions due to his high calling. This is a kind of god complex.

Click on the belief below to get hot-routed to the section. Let me know your thoughts below! I will admit that I have believed each of these myths in some way at different points in my life.

Belief #1: I Am A God

Belief #2: I Am A Beast

Belief #3: I Am Too Far Gone

Belief #4: Fatalism Is The Truth

Can a man carry fire next to his chest and his clothes not be burned?

Proverbs 6:27

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